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Congratulations January Students of the Month

Jan SOM1
Pictured left to right:  Charley Rich, Sofia Wissert, and Patrick Zincone 
Charley Rich:  7A:  According to teachers, seventh grader Charley has done a great job of always being optimistic and seeing the bright side of situations. She works well in groups and really encourages her peers.  She is a hard worker and is a true asset to her team.
Sofia Wissert:  7B:  Sofia goes above and beyond with her activities and assessments.  She is quiet and respectful and makes others around her feel comfortable.  Students and teachers alike appreciate her maturity and great sense of humor.  The teachers look forward to Sofia having a strong finish to second half of the year.  
Patrick Zincone:  7C:  Patrick is extremely well-rounded and is a respectful young man.  He is compassionate and respectful to all his classmates and teachers.  Patrick participates in class and asks inquisitive questions during lessons.  According to the teachers, they all appreciate his hard work.  
Pictured left to right:   Sophie Kearney, Adriana LoBasso and Mariella Polizzi
Sophie Kearney:  8A:   According to teachers Sophia sparkles with positive energy!  She is consistently contributing to class discussions and is kind and willing to help anyone.
Adriana LoBasso:  8B:  Adriana is committed to doing her best and has a wonderful attitude and dedication. She is friendly, kind and polite to everyone.  The teachers all agree that Adriana is the epitome of a KNIGHT.
Mariella Polizzi:  8C:  Mariella is engaging and an exemplary student and always goes the extra mile.  She is an active participant in all of her classes and treats everyone with respect.  The teachers all feel that Mariella is truly an example of how hard work pays off in the classroom.